peer pressure

i go through phases where i tell myself that i’m not going to order from mac.  after the fiasco this summer with them canceling my orders and making such a mess of my bank account, i should be more firm on my stance.

first i wanted to grab up this pro longwear shade in sweet satisfaction after watching it used in this video.  i really love it, and as an aside i also bought that kat von d palette, i loved this look so much.

i saw this new brush collection and folded like a cheap suit.  this is the mac masterclass linear 1 brush.

With a short, narrow shape, the brush delivers a firm, precise stroke to line lashes and lips. Also defines and fills brows. Synthetic fibres. Handle features special grip design and tilted brush tip for ultimate precision.

so far i haven’t been brave enough to give it a try.  it looks interesting and when i mockingly give it a go, it seems like it’s just going to make a mess all over my eye.  i will keep you informed.

lastly i figured i’d try the extended play gigablack lask mascara.  i’m not sure who i saw use it, but they spoke pretty highly of it.  so far, i realllly love it, and i was sure i’d hate it!

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